At Suburbtrends, we combine our deep expertise in property data and analytics with innovative content solutions to offer a comprehensive suite of services. Our offerings are designed to empower property developers, mortgage lenders, real estate agencies, conveyancers and property services websites with actionable insights and strategies for success in the competitive real estate market.

Solutions for the Property Sector

  • Monthly Newsletters

    Engage your audience with our data-rich monthly newsletters, featuring the latest in market trends, analytics insights and sector developments to keep your clients informed and interested.

  • Media Releases

    Boost your brand's visibility with precision-targeted media releases. Our expertly written content highlights your latest news, achievements and innovations, capturing the attention of media and stakeholders alike. We can also distribute your own media-releases to over 4,500 outlets. 

  • E-Books and White Papers

    Demonstrate thought leadership and generate leads with our in-depth e-books and white papers. Packed with valuable insights, analysis and forecasts, these resources serve as an invaluable tool for educating your audience and building credibility. Created in Canva giving you full control. We work directly with brands and help marketing agencies who need access to specialist property data and analytics skills.

  • Custom News Feeds

    Keep your site's visitors constantly engaged with custom-tailored news feeds. We provide monthly and weekly updated national, state, city and local real estate news, curated to align with your brand's specific interests and focus.

  • Trends Data and Charts

    Enhance your content with our detailed trends data and charts. Our bespoke visualisations help you communicate complex market dynamics simply and effectively, supporting your narrative with solid data. We can provide charts and infographics using Flourish and Canva.

  • Maps for Blog Posts

    Our detailed maps add depth to your blog posts and online content, offering visual insights into market trends, property locations and more, making complex data accessible and understandable. Interactive maps also keep website visitors on your page for longer. They can also be embedded by media outlets to support your press-releases.

  • Canva Templates and Bulk Generated Content

    With our Canva templates and bulk content creation services, you can maintain a strong and consistent brand identity while efficiently producing a variety of high-quality, engaging content. We can generate suburb level infographics at scale, designed to perfectly match your brand.

  • Consultation Services

    Benefit from our personalised consultation services, where our expertise in property data, analytics and AI shines. Our team has a distinguished track record, including developing enterprise database and risk platforms for some of the world's largest property companies. We've also revitalised one of Australia's most dynamic real estate portals and engineered risk and analytics solutions tailored for local valuers, among other achievements.

  • Property Data Analysis

    Unlock the power of property data with our comprehensive analysis services. We provide in-depth market insights, predictive trends and bespoke reporting to inform your investment and business decisions.

Suburbtrends is committed to delivering excellence and innovation in every service we offer. By partnering with us, you gain access to unparalleled insights and tools designed to elevate your presence in the property market. Transform data into strategic advantage and compelling narratives with Suburbtrends.