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In this week’s guide: Covid and listings

How listings may have increased in lower (or higher) price brackets by state. Download the guide to check out our findings.

Weekly property data guides

Week 21, 2020: COVID impact on poverty listings

Other than the reduction in total properties listed for sale and rental vacancy rates, what else can we see by analysing listings data? I took a sample of listings from last week and compared it to the same period from last year. The analysis covered 3 areas of interest; 1) How listings may have increased […]

Week 20, 2020: Unit markets at risk

Several suburbs have plenty of unit listings right now. But without enough buyers we are seeing inventory levels increase above the 6-month level (which we refer to as a balanced market). What happens if the rental market is also down at the same time? Download the guide, free.

Week 20, 2020: 10 key risk metrics

What property markets will be the most vulnerable once the Federal Government’s stimulus payments end? Here are the 10 key metrics we will watching closely (PDF).