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Suburb Selection with Kent Lardner

Suburb Selection with Kent Lardner

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Unlock the Power of Data in Selecting A Suburb

In an era where data drives decisions, Suburbtrends is proud to introduce exclusive Suburb Selection Zoom meeting with our founder, Kent Lardner. A visionary in real estate data and analytics, Kent brings more than 25 years of industry expertise, helping to empower you with the knowledge to navigate the property market confidently.

Why Choose Our Suburb Selection Session?

Our Suburb Selection Session will go beyond a traditional consultancy. We are dedicated to not only guiding you through the process of selecting promising regions and suburbs but also equipping you with the analytical skills to make informed decisions independently. I work with you to understand what your objectives are, then together I demonstrate how to refine and select the best suburbs from our national Excel spreadsheet, which is included as part of the fee.

Our Comprehensive Approach Includes:

  • Data Interpretation Mastery: Learn to decode market trends, understand what drives property values, and identify future hotspots with our data-centric training approach.
  • Hands-On Data Utilisation: We don't just provide data; we show you how to leverage it effectively. From selecting locations to evaluating properties, we walk you through our sophisticated analysis in real-time.
  • Personalised Region and Suburb Selection: Through our session, we collaboratively refine your search to three key regions, diving deep into data and analysis to shortlist three suburbs, ensuring your choices are data-backed.
  • Exclusive Buyer Guides and Data Sheets: Receive tailored Buyer Guides and detailed Excel data for every suburb, highlighting your selections and giving you an unparalleled edge.
  • Real-Time Listing Exploration: Together, we will explore live listings, with Kent guiding you on critical aspects to consider, from identifying value to estimating rental yields.
  • Empowerment to Independently Repeat the Process: Our goal is for you to leave the session not just with specific insights but with a repeatable process, enabling you to approach future real estate investments with confidence.

Session Details:

  • Duration: 45 minutes of intensive, process-driven guidance.
  • Delivery: Conducted via Zoom, tailored to provide a focused, interactive learning experience.
  • Scheduling: Flexible appointment times to suit your busy schedule. Contact us to arrange a time that works for you.
  • Investment: Purchase your session today and gain immediate access to our booking calendar.


Due to the bespoke nature of these sessions, availability is limited. We recommend early booking to secure your spot with Kent.

Transform Your Approach to Real Estate Investment:

Suburbtrends Suburb Selection Sessions are designed for those who seek not just to invest in real estate but to understand the intricacies of market data and its implications on property investment. Whether you're starting, looking to expand your portfolio, or refining your investment strategy, Kent Lardner's expertise is your gateway to data-driven success in real estate.

Book Your Suburb Selection Session Now

Discover the potential within data, and let Suburbtrends be your guide to real estate investment grounded in knowledge, data and strategic analysis. By booking a Suburb Selection Session with Suburbtrends, you acknowledge that the guidance provided is not financial advice but rather a coaching session aimed at enhancing your ability to use and interpret property data for informed decision-making. You agree that Suburbtrends, including its founder Kent Lardner and any affiliates, shall bear no liability for any decisions or outcomes resulting from this session. Furthermore, you recognise the importance of professional valuation and agree that, before making any property purchase decisions, you will consult with a qualified local valuer to obtain an accurate assessment of any property's value. This acknowledgment serves to affirm your understanding of the nature and limitations of the advice provided during our session and your acceptance of responsibility for any investment decisions you make.

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