About Us

Suburbtrends is driven by decades of innovation and expertise in property data and analytics. Our founder, Kent Lardner, began his journey with a personal understanding of the importance of housing security, having been a beneficiary of Public Housing in NSW (Housing Commission). In 1999, Kent started his professional career in the property sector at GE’s lenders mortgage insurance division. His passion for property data led to specialised training in automated valuation models, setting the stage for a distinguished career.

Kent played a pivotal role in creating the PriceFinder platform and later led the analytics team at CoreLogic, where he developed risk products for the banking sector and spearheaded global projects. Today, his focus is on Suburbtrends, a platform dedicated to delivering high-quality, research-based content.

Our Mission

At Suburbtrends, we are committed to addressing the critical issues of rental affordability and homelessness. Our core initiative, The Rental Pain Index, highlights the risks of homelessness and seeks to protect the most vulnerable in the private rental market. We help homelessness groups, community housing operators, charities and faith-based organisations to advocate for safe and stable homes for everyone.

We wish to expand our partnership with these groups to further our mission of providing fair and practical pathways to home ownership. Through our monthly research reports, we aim to provide vital insights that support these organisations in their efforts to reduce rental stress and homelessness. We believe in the power of data-driven insights and collaboration to make a real difference.

Welcome to Suburbtrends, where data meets insight and our mission is to make a lasting impact on housing security.