The science of property investing

Our 5-step process of finding properties

Areas (statistical area 3) are selected on economic, demographic, transport and infrastructure as well as market fundamentals. This includes but not limited to;

  • Household income: Min $1,500 per week
  • Mortgage repayment: average maximum $2500 per month
  • Unit count: max 50%
  • Fully owned: minimum 30%
  • Rental tenure: Minimum 10% and maximum 40%
  • Has good size hospital
  • Average SEIFA (socio-economic index score) by suburb of 5 or higher within the Sa3
  • Minimum 2.5% growth rate per annum leading up to 2019 (for either houses or units or both)

One a target area has been selected, the next step is a detailed analysis and selection of suburbs. This process is based on our own proprietary mapping platform.

Once the suburbs have been shortlisted, we analyse every street. Using a price estimate for every house and apartment in each street, we calculate the median. This allows us to rank and identify the best streets on a map.

This also helps us better understand the price range for the street as well as the profiles of the other properties.

Each week we process more than 99% of all new listings nationally. Each listing is allocated a sale price estimate and rental estimate. This also provides us with an estimated yield.

Our listings analysis helps us rapidly identify properties that are a good match for you based on price, yields and within our preferred streets.

There are just as many properties about to be listed as there are online. These are what we call ‘pre-listings’. Local agents may have already signed listings agreements and are in the process of preparing the property. Other properties may be even earlier in the process, with owners evaluating agents or at some other stage of deciding to list. No matter what pre-listing stage, you will find at least as many properties here as you will already online. It’s just a matter of time.

We have created a proprietary system to identify every property in the suburb that matches your brief and has a high propensity to list. Once we shortlist these properties, we generate a list and reach out to those local agents about to list them.

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