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Suburb Selection

Step 2: Suburb selection

Our suburb analysis and selection is based on our own proprietary map. This has been used by more than 5,000 investors and buyers agents each month over the last 2-years and is widely viewed as a market leading tool.

A snapshot of the suburb asking price now and -12m, current listings, as well as current and historical inventory levels is displayed for houses and units.

Rent & tenure data is also presented including vacancy rate trends and rental medians.

This offers an instant understanding of every suburb in the target area and is used to flag potential ripple effect suburbs.

Area (Sa3) level trends for houses and units are presented in 2 different tabs. The month-on-month charts help us instantly verify changes in market conditions. Data is presented month-on-month for the last 12-months.

  • Inventory
  • Listings
  • Prices



Area (Sa3) level trends for rentals is the next data set we review. Obviously this is only done once for each area. Data is presented month-on-month for the last 12-months.

  • House rents
  • Unit rents
  • Vacancy rates

Price segmentation at the suburb level is analysed for houses and units. This breaks down the proportion of sales across various price brackets in the last 12-months. When selecting suburbs, understanding the price segmentation and price distribution is essential. A risk always exist when buying in the upper price range when the market at or above that point is very small. 

The top 20 ranked streets are plotted on the map. This helps us quickly identify the premium parts of the suburb. Buying on or near these top 20 streets is our preference.

Elevation maps use the statical area 1 (Sa1) to estimate the highest and lowest point. We can instantly verify if the location has risks worth flagging.

This map plots the socio-economic scores of each neighbourhood. A 1 to 10 ranking helps identify pockets within the suburb that are above or below the state average.

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