Rent Roll Numbers

Who Is This Dwelling Being Rented From?

The 2021 Census included real estate agents, public housing, community housing, parents or relatives, other person not in this dwelling, residential parks, and employers as options for renter

Using the latest Census data we can better understand the numbers that would impact growing a rent roll. The following maps focus on markets using a statistical area 3 (Sa3). The 2021 Census data used includes the number of properties managed by real estate agents and the number managed by ‘Other person not in this dwelling’. Assuming the household has correctly answered this section of census, this would cover all rentals managed privately and could include options such as Defence Housing Australia.

What is most surprising is how large the ‘Other person not in this dwelling’ count is at a national level. Using the Sa3 counts, this totalled 494,130 dwellings. If a large proportion of this is self-managed, then clearly this could have a massive impact on property managers as new service providers emerge in this market.

Scroll through the arrows below to view each state (NSW > VIC > QLD > SA > WA > TAS). The map has 3 different layers including a) real estate agent; b) other; and c) new rental stock per annum. The first option is the count of rentals managed by real estate agents. The second is rentals managed by ‘other person not in this dwelling’ and c) is the expected number of rentals to enter the market each year via properties sold. If you are planning on growing your rent roll, these numbers can help you better map out your strategy.

Self Managed Service Providers

Managing a rental property is hard work. For nearly 2 million rental property owners the average 7% to 10% commission paid to a real-estate agent is clearly preferable to the DIY approach. Here are some examples of businesses that are offering support for those taking the DIY path;

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