National Property Database

National Property Database

Using the free G-NAF download as our base, we can provide a property database covering the entire nation, for a single state or even a single suburb. The G-NAF dataset contains all of the physical property addresses in Australia. It has over 38 million contributed addresses are distilled into more than 15.2 million G-NAF addresses. Using the unique G-NAF identifier, we overlay our own data to help businesses in-source your data operation. We do not provide photos or text descriptions associated with listings, however we can assist with the conversion of unstructured text into structured data (categories).

Agent advised sales are included. An agent advised sale differs from state licensed sales data. A very high percentage of sale prices are published by a real estate agent without being sourced from state governments. When used in models at a Statistical Area 3 (Sa3) level they are large enough in sample to compare very favourably to population data. However for businesses seeking a full sale price data set we can also assist by providing an automated valuation model price estimate for over 95% of houses and units within each suburb. This approach ensures data models have close to full population data and can be significant down to a suburb or even an Sa1 level. Data modellers that only use state licensed sold price records for houses may find may find sample sizes are too small for around 60% of suburbs nationally.

NSW Property data Counts march 2022

Total address count: 4,776,671

For sale listings count: 36,969

For lease listings count: 29,215

Agent advised sold records: 7,883,433

Rental records: 2,587,565

Properties with bedroom count: 3,276,900

Properties with bathroom count: 3,242,610

Matched to G-NAF: 4,230,238

Properties with land size: 2,952,067

VIC Property data Counts march 2022

Total address count: 3,890,844

For sale listings count: 42,859

For lease listings count: 31,286

Agent advised sold records: 8,242,817

Rental records: 2,422,141

Properties with bedroom count: 2,789,459

Properties with bathroom count: 2,470,756

Matched to G-NAF: 3,422,616

Properties with land size: 2,462,486

QLD Property data Counts march 2022

Total address count: 3,271,864

For sale listings count: 56,457

For lease listings count: 13,137

Agent advised sold records: 6,301,466

Rental records: 2,037,342

Properties with bedroom count: 2,160,005

Properties with bathroom count: 2,145,315

Matched to G-NAF: 2,752,254

Properties with land size: 1,815,692

SA Property data Counts march 2022

Total address count: 1,176,638

For sale listings count: 15,592

For lease listings count: 2,577

Agent advised sold records: 1,495,633

Rental records: 543,894

Properties with bedroom count: 828,526

Properties with bathroom count: 763,739

Matched to G-NAF: 967,539

Properties with land size: 773,079

WA Property data Counts march 2022

Total address count: 1,572,426

For sale listings count: 31,428

For lease listings count: 4,874,

Agent advised sold records: 2,672,090

Rental records: 916,793

Properties with bedroom count: 1,214,178

Properties with bathroom count: 1,226,472

Matched to G-NAF: 1,408,161

Properties with land size: 920,673

ACT Property data Counts march 2022

Total address count: 244,743

For sale listings count: 1,218

For lease listings count: 1,220

Agent advised sold records: 395,448

Rental records: 121,313

Properties with bedroom count: 185,016

Properties with bathroom count: 182,538

Matched to G-NAF: 213,363

Properties with land size: 173,705

NT Property data Counts march 2022

Total address count: 115,679

For sale listings count: 2,168

For lease listings count: 499

Agent advised sold records: 126,454

Rental records: 94,599

Properties with bedroom count: 70,719

Properties with bathroom count: 70,239

Matched to G-NAF: 103,614

Properties with land size: 63,603

TAS Property data Counts march 2022

Total address count: 348,733

For sale listings count: 2,757

For lease listings count: 712

Agent advised sold records: 689,251

Rental records: 128,114

Properties with bedroom count: 294,275

Properties with bathroom count: 276,987

Matched to G-NAF: 325,432

Properties with land size: 256,968

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