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Suburbtrends’ Smart Home Buying Workshop

Suburbtrends’ Smart Home Buying Workshop

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Smart Home Buying

Join Suburbtrends' Smart Home Buying Workshop

Unlock the full potential of real estate analytics with Suburbtrends' intensive 1-hour workshop. Led by Kent Lardner, our founder with over 25 years of expertise in real estate data, this session aims to transform the way first home buyers engage with the property market.

Why Choose Our Workshop?

This workshop is a deep dive into selecting and understanding regions that align with your home-buying strategy and budget. Utilise our cutting-edge tools and data-driven insights to navigate the market with confidence.

What You'll Gain

  • Personalised Market Analysis: Kent will personally guide you through understanding your wish list, using area-level data to tailor a shortlist of regions.
  • Interactive Online Search: We'll explore potential properties through using our specialised area-level pre-set searches, covering every suburb within the selected Statistical Area 3.
  • Detailed Insights with Suburbtrends Map: By examining specific properties, we’ll cross-reference our Suburbtrends map to provide deeper insights into neighbourhoods and price segments.
  • Excel Data Mastery: Learn to use our included Excel data file effectively, analyse SA3 regions using our proprietary scorecard, and keep our custom area online search links for quick access to your shortlisted regions.
  • 1-Month Website Access: Get access to our Excel Spreadsheet (value $99.95) all of our area Property Data guides ($4.95 each) for 1-month as part of the one small $200 fee.

Client Testimonial

"The Suburbtrends Smart Home Buying Workshop boosted our understanding of the real estate market in a timely and interactive way. Kent's guidance was practical and informative, and we are now confident in using our new skills to find our first home. Thanks again, Kent!" - NC & VC

Session Details

  • Duration: An in-depth 1-hour workshop designed to provide comprehensive understanding and hands-on experience.
  • Delivery: Conducted via Zoom for an interactive, personalised session.
  • Scheduling: Sessions are available by appointment to accommodate your availability. Book your slot now.


This workshop is intended for serious buyers. It equips you with the tools and knowledge for data-driven decision-making in real estate, but does not constitute financial advice. All decisions based on workshop insights are your responsibility.

Empower Your Real Estate Decisions

Enrol in our exclusive 1-hour workshop now and start mastering the complexities of the property market with Suburbtrends. Take your home-buying strategy to the next level with tailored, data-centric guidance.

Join Our Workshop Now

Secure your place in our workshop today and harness the power of real estate data with Suburbtrends. Every decision empowered, every investment informed.

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