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Wide Bay

Wide Bay

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Wide Bay Property Market Insights by Suburbtrends

The Wide Bay region, known for its stunning coastal areas, rich agricultural landscapes, and welcoming communities, offers a diverse range of property investment opportunities. From the serene Dundowran Beach to the historic town of Gayndah, the market caters to a variety of preferences and budgets.

Property Market Overview


  • Lowest Priced Suburb: Gayndah - Median Price: $235,000
  • Highest Priced Suburb: Dundowran Beach - Median Price: $1,138,500


  • Lowest Priced Suburb: Southside - Median Price: $230,000
  • Highest Priced Suburb: Bargara - Median Price: $590,000

Top Investor Score Suburbs

For Houses

  • Island Plantation - Investor Score: 95: Median house price of $405,900.
  • Takura - Investor Score: 94: Median house price of $680,000.
  • Tablelands (South Burnett - Qld) - Investor Score: 94: Median house price of $405,900.

For Units

  • Kawungan - Investor Score: 92: Median price of $440,000.
  • Urraween - Investor Score: 90: Median price of $439,000.
  • Eli Waters - Investor Score: 88: Median price of $439,000.

Suburbtrends Report: Navigate the Wide Bay Market with Ease

Explore the Wide Bay property market with our comprehensive Suburbtrends report. This indispensable guide provides in-depth analytics on house and unit prices, investor scores, and key metrics for each suburb within the region. Ideal for investors, homebuyers, and real estate professionals, this report is a crucial tool for making well-informed decisions in one of Queensland's most picturesque and diverse regions.

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Suburbs Included in Wide Bay:

Suburbtrends offers a comprehensive view of Wide Bay's property market, from its coastal communities to its rural hinterlands.

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