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RentAnalyser: Comprehensive Australian Real Estate Market Insights

Explore the dynamics of the Australian real estate market with Suburbtrends RentAnalyser, your premier tool for in-depth analysis of rental yields, Australian vacancy rates, and property market trends across every suburb, SA2, SA3, and Greater Capital City Areas. Tailored for property investors, real estate valuers, and professionals, our tool provides essential data for making informed decisions.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Geographic Coverage: Gain insights into house and unit market trends across all Australian states and territories. With comprehensive data from suburbs to Greater Capital City Areas, RentAnalyser offers a macro and micro view of the property market.
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis: Utilize our proprietary database for unparalleled insights into vacancy rates and rental market dynamics across Australia, supporting data analysts and researchers in their investigations.
  • In-Depth Market Metrics: Access critical indicators including vacancy rates, rental and sales volumes, and trend analysis over the past year. This data is crucial for assessing value and risk, making it invaluable for mortgage lenders and property appraisers.
  • Dynamic Pricing Insights: Understand market positioning through median list prices and asking prices, enriched with percentile analysis. This feature assists investors in identifying high-yield investment opportunities.
  • Rental Market Analysis: Delve into rental vacancy rates and trends, offering vital information for build-to-rent developers and property managers.
  • Demographic Insights: Enhance market analysis with data on household income and family composition from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, valuable for policymakers and government analysts.

Market Insights:

Unlock detailed insights into the rental vacancy rates by suburb, discover areas with the highest rental yields and perform gross rental yield calculations with Suburbtrends RentAnalyser. Ideal for professionals seeking a competitive edge in the Australian property market.

Ideal For:

  • Buyers’ Agents and Real Estate Consultants: Offer data-driven advice with comprehensive market analysis.
  • Community Housing Groups: Utilise for benchmarking and identifying optimal locations for housing projects based on rental market analysis.
  • Valuers and banks. Instant rental market analysis and rental medians by bedroom count and property type, helping establish a rental estimate instantly.
  • Government and researchers. Conduct detailed analysis on rental markets nationally.

Investment-Grade Analysis Made Accessible:

Suburbtrends RentAnalyser is an essential tool for anyone involved in the Australian property market, facilitating in-depth analysis from government to community housing sectors.

Embedded Solution

If you wish to embed our rental data into your own website or app, please contact us. Prices start at $1,495 per month.

RentAnalyser Data Dictionary

Field Name Definition
State Australian States and Territories
Suburb Australian suburbs
Postcode Australian postcodes
Sub Region (SA2) Australian Bureau of Statistics - Statistical Area 2
Region (SA3) Australian Bureau of Statistics - Statistical Area 3
LGA Local Government Area
Property Type Property Type (House, Unit)
Median Bedroom Count Median number of bedrooms
Median Bathroom Count Median number of bathrooms
Median Car Count Median number of car spaces
For Sale Av Listings The average daily number of listings counted within the last 1 month sample period.
List Price median Median asking price (for-sale) using a rolling 12-month sample period
Lease Day On Market Median estimated days a property is listed for rent (from date first seen). Sample period is rolling 12-months.
Over 21 Day Listings Number of rental listings still advertised after 21 days from date first seen. This is a 1-month sample and used in the numerator of our vacancy rate calculation.
Vacancy Rate Total number of rental listings over 21 days old / total properties rented by real estate agents based on Census data.
Lease Av Listing The average daily number of listings counted within the last 1 month sample period.
Lease Median Advertised lease price median based on a rolling 12m sample of all bedroom counts.
Lease Median 1bd Advertised lease price median based on a rolling 12m sample of 1 bedroom properties.
Lease Median 2bd Advertised lease price median based on a rolling 12m sample of 2 bedroom properties.
Lease Median 3bd Advertised lease price median based on a rolling 12m sample of 3 bedroom properties.
Lease Median 4bd Advertised lease price median based on a rolling 12m sample of 4 bedroom properties.
Average Household Weekly Income ABS average household weekly income as of Census 2021. Analyst may elect to index this to current period.
Family Household % ABS
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