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Mentoring and Advice with Jeff Rogers - Mid North Coast

Mentoring and Advice with Jeff Rogers - Mid North Coast

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Expert Property Support & Mentorship

Jeff Rogers, a senior valuer with extensive local expertise in valuation, project management and property development, offers personalised guidance to help you achieve your property goals. Whether you're a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor, or at any stage in between, our one-on-one mentoring sessions are designed to assist you in navigating the property market with confidence.
Unlock Your Property Potential:
  • Identify the ideal property to suit your requirements.
  • Negotiate the most advantageous price.
  • Effectively manage your property investments.
  • Avoid common and costly property investment mistakes.
Our mentors boast a proven track record of success, ready to share their insights and knowledge to support your property decisions.
Benefits of Our Personalised Property Mentorship:
  • Targeted, individualised attention.
  • Guidance from experienced professionals.
  • Strategies proven to succeed in the property market.
  • Saves time and reduces stress.

About Jeff Rogers:

As the founder and Managing Director of IPN Valuers, Jeff Rogers has been at the forefront of the property industry since 1993. His expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of property valuation and consultancy services, focusing on commercial, industrial, and retail sectors, among others. Jeff's approach combines strategic planning, risk management and financial analysis, making him a valuable ally in property investment.

Jeff is committed to maintaining high standards within the industry, holding memberships with several prestigious organisations. His leadership has positioned IPN Valuers as a trusted name in the Australian property market, particularly in the Mid-North Coast, NSW.

Advance Your Property Ambitions with Expert Mentorship

Ready to elevate your property goals? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Jeff Rogers and take the first step towards informed and successful property investment.

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