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Melbourne - West

Melbourne - West

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Melbourne - West Property Market Insights by Suburbtrends

The Melbourne - West region, with its rapid development, diverse communities, and increasing connectivity, offers a broad spectrum of property investment opportunities. From the historic and prestigious suburb of Williamstown to the more affordably priced Melton, the market caters to a wide range of buyers and investors.

Property Market Overview


  • Lowest Priced Suburb: Melton (Vic.) - Median Price: $479,400
  • Highest Priced Suburb: Williamstown (Vic.) - Median Price: $1,600,000


  • Lowest Priced Suburb: Albion (Vic.) - Median Price: $300,000
  • Highest Priced Suburb: Altona North - Median Price: $860,000

Top Investor Score Suburbs

For Houses

  • Keilor Lodge - Investor Score: 88: Median house price of $930,000.
  • Albanvale - Investor Score: 87: Median house price of $602,550.
  • Kealba - Investor Score: 86: Median house price of $930,000.

For Units

  • Sydenham (Vic.) - Investor Score: 86: Median price of $472,500.
  • Hoppers Crossing - Investor Score: 86: Median price of $420,000.
  • Deer Park - Investor Score: 86: Median price of $500,000.

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Suburbs Included in Melbourne - West:

Suburbtrends is your strategic partner for exploring the diverse and dynamic property market of Melbourne - West, offering data and content solutions for every suburb.

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