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Buyers Agent Media Release

Buyers Agent Media Release

$2,500 If Published

Maximise your lead-generation potential with the Investor Insights Media Release Package, designed for Buyers Agents specialising in borderless investing. This premium package not only equips you with our comprehensive Investor Insights Report but also amplifies your reach through an extensive media distribution network.

The Investor Insights Report delivers detailed top 10 lists on essential investment themes such as price growth, price forecast, rent growth, rent forecast, vacancy rates, inventory, investor scores, and listings volumes. Featuring both national and state-specific top 10 lists, this report provides invaluable insights tailored to your clients' needs.

The Media Release Package takes your visibility to the next level by sharing your Investor Insights Report with over 3,500 media outlets. This strategic distribution ensures your expertise reaches a wide audience, positioning you as a thought leader in the Australian property market. 

If your report is picked up by any tier 1 media outlet, a $2,500 fee is applied, reflecting the significant exposure and credibility gained. If no tier 1 media outlet publishes the story, you only pay for the report at $200, ensuring value and risk management.

Updated monthly and delivered as a white-label PDF, the Investor Insights Report integrates seamlessly into your website, enhancing your digital presence. The added media distribution feature amplifies your reach, helping you attract high-quality investor leads.

Empower your business with the Investor Insights Media Release Package, transforming your website into a lead-generation powerhouse and establishing your authority in the competitive property investment landscape.

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