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Adelaide - West

Adelaide - West

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Adelaide - West Property Market Insights by Suburbtrends

The Adelaide - West region offers a dynamic property market, with attractive opportunities for a range of investors and homebuyers.

Property Market Overview


  • Lowest Priced Suburb: St Clair (SA) - Median Price: $535,000
  • Highest Priced Suburb: Henley Beach South - Median Price: $1,400,800


  • Lowest Priced Suburb: Brooklyn Park - Median Price: $299,250
  • Highest Priced Suburb: Brompton - Median Price: $646,800

Top Investor Score Suburbs

For Houses

  • Largs Bay - Investor Score: 89: Median house price of $832,500.
  • Woodville Park - Investor Score: 88: Median house price of $656,500.
  • Allenby Gardens - Investor Score: 88: Median house price of $832,500.

For Units

  • Semaphore South - Investor Score: 93: Median price of $442,000.
  • Semaphore - Investor Score: 92: Median price of $442,000.
  • Largs Bay - Investor Score: 92: Median price of $442,000.

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