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Suburbtrends Premier Partner Network

Welcome to the Suburbtrends Premier Partner Network

An exclusive opportunity for Australia’s top buyers agents. Secure your spot among just 83 select regions nationwide and transform your business with unparalleled support and resources.

Who This Is For

This program is designed for leading local buyers agents committed to excellence and eager to leverage premium content marketing and media collaboration. If you’re looking to elevate your brand, generate high-quality leads and establish yourself as a local market expert, this is your chance.

Key Benefits

Exclusive Regions

Be the sole representative in your area. This exclusivity allows you to offer Suburbtrends Buyers Guides in two versions: a FREE version, available through you as our premier partner, and a PAID version. The free version creates an opportunity to engage directly with potential clients who have downloaded the guide, offering a high-quality channel for business growth by connecting with individuals who may need the expertise of a professional buyers agent.

Co-Branded Buyers Guide & Top Suburb Ratings

Collaborate on a local monthly report tailored to buyers, positioning you as a trusted advisor. Work with us to identify and highlight the top 5 suburbs in your region, further establishing your expertise and drawing in clients interested in the best local options.

Cost-Effective Entry

Enjoy a low monthly marketing fee, tiered according to Buyer Guide download metrics and charged as a standard marketing fee.

Price: $40 per month

Dedicated Landing Page

Gain a personalised webpage on the Suburbtrends platform.


Media Presence

Act as the local media point person for our nationally acclaimed Rental Pain Index, featured on radio, newspapers and TV.

Comprehensive Data Access

Receive monthly Excel data files and training to enhance your market analysis skills.

Embeddable Suburbtrends Map

You also have the option to integrate our popular research map into your website, offering valuable insights to your clients.

Social Media Content

Benefit from a steady stream of high-quality social media content to build your profile and generate optimal Buyer Guide downloads. Our pricing model caps at 50 downloads, meaning any downloads beyond 50 are all upside for you, maximising your potential leads and growth.

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Take your real estate career to the next level. With only 83 exclusive regional spots available, seize this opportunity to become a local market leader and set yourself apart from the competition.

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