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Listings Analysis

Step 4: We analyse more than 99% of all listings each week

Each week our team collects listings and places them into a database. Property addresses are then matched to the geocoded national address file (GNAF) which allows us to match listings to price estimates and rental estimates. For listings with or without a published asking price, we have our own price estimate we can use to match and filter properties to your exact needs.

  • We aim to process and analyse every property listed in the target suburbs and not over-rely on browsing web portals.
  • We have our own price estimates used for filtering and selection. once a property is shortlisted, we generate our own desktop appraisal for maximum accuracy. 
  • Rental estimates offer an instant yield estimate at a property level, which uncovers opportunities much better than suburb level medians.
  • Shortlisted properties are reviewed in detail using online listings and against our our map.
  • Once approved, shortlisted properties are then shared with you each week.

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