Top Streets Media Release

For release Wednesday January 11th 2022 Media contact: Kent Lardner Email: Mobile: 0458 936 912 Report and map links Ranked: Australia’s Top 100 Streets Download PDF report. View map. Ranked: Sydney’s Top 100 Streets Download PDF report. View map. Ranked: Melbourne’s Top 100 Streets Download PDF report. View map. Ranked: Brisbane’s Top 100 Streets […]

The science of property investing

Our 5-step process of finding properties Areas (statistical area 3) are selected on economic, demographic, transport and infrastructure as well as market fundamentals. This includes but not limited to; Household income: Min $1,500 per week Mortgage repayment: average maximum $2500 per month Unit count: max 50% Fully owned: minimum 30% Rental tenure: Minimum 10% and maximum 40% Has good size […]

Area Analysis

Step 1: Using big data and analytics to select areas Using our own proprietary big data, we analyse more than 300 house and unit markets covering over 12,000 Australia suburbs. Predictive models are used to help us forecast market conditions. This can help us prioritise the selection of one market over another, or it can […]

Suburb Selection

Step 2: Suburb selection Our suburb analysis and selection is based on our own proprietary map. This has been used by more than 5,000 investors and buyers agents each month over the last 2-years and is widely viewed as a market leading tool. A snapshot of the suburb asking price now and -12m, current listings, […]

Street Analysis

Step 3: Street selection A detailed analysis is performed covering every street in the suburb. This helps us rank every street from the highest to the lowest median (based on house price estimates). It also helps us determine the number of apartments in the street as well as the price range and averages for lot and […]

Listings Analysis

Step 4: We analyse more than 99% of all listings each week Each week our team collects listings and places them into a database. Property addresses are then matched to the geocoded national address file (GNAF) which allows us to match listings to price estimates and rental estimates. For listings with or without a published asking […]

Pre-listing Analysis

Step 5: Pre-Listings Analysis There are just as many properties about to be listed as there are online. These are what we call ‘pre-listings’. Local agents may have already signed listings agreements and are in the process of preparing the property. Other properties may be even earlier in the process, with owners evaluating agents or […]

Forecast Vacancy Rates

Vacancy rates have been forecast for September. Click through the story below to view each state.

Market Peaks

A total of 43 Australian housing markets (defined using a statistical area 3) appear to have peaked in July 2022. That leaves just 7% (24 housing markets) that are yet to peak or are statistically not reliable. To see what suburbs are in each Sa3, you can view the area maps here. Bathurst Beenleigh Bribie […]

Central Coast NSW Analysis

This analysis is based on houses only. Based on this review I would recommend taking a closer look at Green Point. Suburbs Included In The Central Coast Analysis This analysis looks at 5 markets all located within the Sa4 of Central Coast (NSW). Each is a statistical area 3 (based on Australian Bureau of Statistics […]

Cashflow Clusters Map

We take agent advised sold prices and estimate the rentals. Then any property with an estimated yield of 4.5% or higher is included in our map. Click on any map point to see the details.