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Million Dollar Streets Report Cairns

Listings volumes in the wider Cairns region have been very steady in recent months. The average last month (September) dropped marginally compared to a month earlier. Sales volumes appear to have fallen marginally, which is nudging up inventory levels – slightly. The only market that appears to have prices falling (marginally) is Innisfail – Cassowary Coast. Overall Cairns is holding up very well in the housing market.


Like many other parts of Australia, Cairns offering up house listings on a number of top streets. A quick online search uncovered some amazing homes in the top 20 list. Our analysis looked initially at streets with a price range that exceeded $1M. We found 66 streets in the Cairns Sa4 with house price estimates that topped $1M. Next we looked at the house price estimate medians and ranked the top 20 streets in the wider Cairns region.




  • Palm Cove featured the highest count of streets (11), followed by Port Douglas (5), Clifton Beach (2), Caravonica (1), and Trinity Park (1).
  • The highest priced street median was $1,450,000 (Solander Boulevard, Port Douglas)
  • The highest upper price range was $2,464,000 (Apollo Quay, Trinity Park)
  • The largest price range for any of our top 20 streets was Apollo Quay, Trinity Park with a $1,197,000 range between 10th and 90th percentiles of house price estimates within the street.

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