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Area Analysis

Step 1: Using big data and analytics to select areas

Using our own proprietary big data, we analyse more than 300 house and unit markets covering over 12,000 Australia suburbs. Predictive models are used to help us forecast market conditions. This can help us prioritise the selection of one market over another, or it can help us better understand risks in areas that have already been selected.

Back-series data is used for more than 10-years. Our models use property sales data, listings and rental market data as well as census information. Most of the models are developed at the statistical area 3 (Sa3) level.

Local economic data is combined with Census information. This helps us refine what areas we wish to shortlist.

Australia is undergoing an infrastructure boom. For those areas and suburbs that make the cut on our list, we then use local infrastructure projects to help shortlist the final suburbs.

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